Episode Guide

Ep 10: How to Get Away With Marriage

AIRED: Mar 2 10/9c

Ep 9: Florida or Bust

AIRED: Feb 24 10/9c

Ep 8: Wife is a Stage

AIRED: Feb 17 10/9c

Ep 7: I Got You Babe

AIRED: Feb 10 10/9c

Ep 6: It's All Gravy

AIRED: Feb 3 10/9c

Ep 5: A Very Modern Family

AIRED: Jan 27 10/9c

Ep 4: Vow and Again

AIRED: Jan 20 10/9c

Ep 3: Fight or Flight

AIRED: Jan 13 10/9c

Ep 2: Two Mini-moons and a Wedding

AIRED: Jan 6 10/9c

Ep 1: Wedding or Knot

AIRED: Jan 3 9/8c